Levapor biocarriers

LEVAPOR are highly absorbing, porous carrier for microorganisms in biofilm technologies.

Levapor is made of polyurethane foam impregnated by activated coal. After application, the carriers are colonised very quickly thanks to microorganisms, which results in considerably higher efficiency and stability of the process.

Unique advantages compared to other carriers:

• it is quickly colonised by microorganisms and adapts to the environment easily

• it contains inhibitors, which reduce toxicity of the medium

• it increases output power and stability of the bioprocesses.

Application of the LEVAPOR products:

• Protection of the environment – in biological wastewater treatment and air treatment

• aquariology and fishbreeding – as sorption filters and carriers in water treatment processes

• Biotechnology – fermentation processes


• Major increase of output power of wastewater treatment plants and bioreactors

• High stability of processes

• Remarkable increase of performance efficiency after refurbishment of the original device

• Quick and simple implementation.

What do we offer?

• Tailor-made solutions

• Problem analysis

• Concepts based on practical experience

• Process design and construction

• Delivery of suitable LEVAPOR technology and its support

• Special microorganisms

Along with Levapor, we deliver a separator of fibrous dirt, which is a device used for mechanical pre-treatment of sewage water before it is biologically treated.


Vodní hospodářství (pdf, 949 kB)

Leták Levapor (pdf, 1 MB)