Company profile

A bit of history

The company VODA CZ, s.r.o., was founded in 2002. During the first year, the aim was to acquire its own market in waste water treatment. By means of realizing small household WWTP, the company gradually succeeded in fulfilling this aim. Over time, a decision was made that the subject of business will be expanded to the supplies of technologies for potable water treatment and sanitation. From 2004 on, the company also started to realize large technological supplies financed from the state budget, or eventually the EU sources. The company won a stable position on the market with technologies for water management, and a new plant was built in Hořenice near Jaroměř. 


We are currently preparing to enter foreign markets, especially in Slovakia. In cooperation with other suppliers, we are capable of providing for the financing of the constructions, and to realize “turn-key” large technological units. We elaborate on plastic manufacturing, developing new products and technologies. 

And for the future

It is not our company’s philosophy to build a large production - engineering company, but rather a highly specialized operational subject. With a high-quality team of colleagues with several years of experience, we manage to fulfil this intention. Customers and their wishes and requirements represent the driving force for our development, being also our challenge and motivation.

What motivates us

Among our main pillars, there is quality policy and environmental protection. We pledged to stress the quality of services and to be careful about all aspects impacting the quality of the environment.