Household WWTPs CLEANNY 8 and CLEANNY 15

A TRULY SIMPLE household waste water treatment plant

Our product line CLEANNY 8–50 meets the requirements of the standard.

What is CLEANNY and how does it work?

CLEANNY is a biological waste water treatment plant (WWTP) with a self-contained construction (i.e. it is mostly not necessary to encase it in concrete). It is manufactured from a high-quality 8mm PP (polypropylene), resistant to the environment where it is usually placed. The treatment plant is furnished with a unique patented technology of a settlement tank, which largely increases the efficiency of cleaning thanks to its construction. The principle of waste water treatment is in the application of aerobic bacteria, which degrade up to 99 % of organic waste in water in their metabolism. High efficiency of cleaning, confirmed by a CE certificate, allows for reusing the cleaned water.

Who is CLEANNY for?

CLEANNY is designed for family houses, apartment homes, small enterprises and similar facilities. It is mostly designed for family houses, and the number marks the maximum number of incorporated persons, i.e. the WWTP capacity.

How to get CLEANNY?

In accordance with our company’s strategy, getting CLEANNY 8 or CLEANNY 15 is simple.

The easiest way to contact us is via telephone. Via telephone, you can handle the order and also get answers for any of your eventual questions.

The price of the treatment plant demonstrates the second motive of our strategy, that is COMPLETENESS. This means the price of the treatment plant includes everything:

  • Technological installation
  • Supercharger
  • Timer
  • Universal adapter, adjustable 350–700 mm
  • Manual handsaw to adjust the extension’s height
  • Plastic walk-over ceiling
  • Hose and protector in the length of 15 m to connect the supercharger
  • 2 pcs of stainless-steel clasps for the hose
  • Instructions manual
  • Operating instructions
  • Operations rules
  • Protocol on the test of water impermeability
  • Offer of service activities from our sister company VODA CZ SERVICE

How to install CLEANNY?

In our effort not to transfer the costs related to the installation and commissioning of WWTP onto our customers, we prepared a well-arranged picture guide for the installation, which allows basically anyone to install our treatment plant.

A unique extension for the treatment plant easily adjusts to the height of the surrounding terrain without any previous complicated measurements and verifications.

How to proceed with operation and maintenance?

Waste water treatment plant is not a maintenance-free facility. Our WWTP is truly simple. In its technology, you will not find a single moving part, everything is driven by air only, the air being brought to the WWTP from the supercharger, which may be situated up to 15 m away. We do not recommend placing the supercharger directly within the premises of the treatment plant. The aggressive environment in the WWTP is not an optimal environment for the operation of the supercharger. The best place for the supercharger is, for example, a cellar, technical room, garage, etc. It is also necessary to inspect the premises of WWTP regularly, to maintain the suction bin, to check the amount of sludge, etc.