Wastewater treatment

Waste water

It is necessary to adapt the techniques and technologies of waste water treatment to the needs of modern households, new processes and technologies in our lives. Whether we talk about a large enterprise, a small plant, school, family house, municipality or town, everybody must deal with handling waste water.

VODA CZ is the right choice to resolve this issue. We are aware of the fact that the environment around us is the result of our own behaviour. Therefore, we strive to contribute to its improvement with our behaviour. We do not manufacture waste water treatment plants just to have them, but rather to provide for the cleaning.

More than fifteen years of experience with the realization and sale of water-economy facilities provide us with a good base for a successful application of treatment systems in any environment.

Do you have a source of waste water that has out-of-standard characteristics? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will design a technological solution, which will then be tested in semi-operational tests. We will find the perfect product within our assortment for every customer. 

The motto of our production is: SIMPLICITY, COMPLETENESS, EFFICIENCY 

Choosing the right WWTP, that is the correct technology design, sufficient capacity and careful selection of the supplier, forms the base for its correct functioning. More than anywhere else, in the assortment of WWTPs it is true that the cheapest is not always the best.


  • Product certificates
    • The product meets the conditions set by law
    • It is not necessary to request a building permit
  • Guarantee
    • The products have been tested and extended guarantee is provided
  • Sale support
    • Consultancy, service
    • Buy with professionals, knowledge in the field is a plus
    • References
  • Completeness of delivery
    • Do not be tricked by seemingly attractive prices; we offer complete accessories as a part of delivery of the WWTP - no need to buy anything further
  • Demandingness regarding servicing and maintenance
    • You have someone to turn to in case of complications

In order to determine the capacity of the WWTP correctly, it is necessary to know some important details. Our team is full of professionals you can turn to. You will get all the necessary information, and moreover, also a complete advisory service.